Working together to realize our full potential on achieving our designed purposes.


MEAL AND ICT Pro Consultancy


Working together to integrate results bases monitoring. evaluation, accountability, and learning with information and communication-based digital solution to enhance the evidence-based decision-making process to realize our full potential on achieving our designed purposes


MEAL AND ICT Pro Consultancy


Meal & ict pro Consultancy is a business firm founded in March 2020, by inspired MEAL professional who have had many years of working experience with International organization, private and public institutions. MEAL & ICT Pro brings together a group of development research, MEAL and ICT practitioners with extensive experience of working on social development.

Our strategic



We facilitate skills and knowledge exchange around monitoring and evaluation, research and information and communication innovative solutions Engaging, high-quality training materials that incorporate practical sessions Highly qualified trainers and facilitators with a deep knowledge in the specific sectors. A combination of learning mediums and tools that encourage interaction and promote knowledge exchange between participants and trainers


Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability learning (MEAL)

Our team have core expertise in designing and implementing MEAL system and research programs. The team of specialists have a strong track record of leading research for designs and evaluations and research projects that combine quantitative, qualitative and innovative participatory research methods. We have expertise and experience in developing M&E system and frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the performance of programs. M&E is about collecting, storing, analyzing and finally transforming data into strategic information so it can be used to make informed decisions for program management and improvement, policy formulation, and advocacy. Activities:

Data Collection Services:

We combine multiple technologies to provide timely, accurate, reliable and cost-effective data collection and management services.

Data Processing & Analysis:

We are equipped with data interrogation software: STATA, SPSS, RStudio, Excel, etc. We provide our clients with data tabulations, visuals and raw data in a range of formats (Excel, SPSS, etc.)

Mobile app programming

We provide our clients with quality and timely online mobile data collection services through programming and deploying mobile phone-based surveys apps and web-based apps.


Capacity Development:

We conduct capacity development on: Data management, Analysis and Reporting; Mobile data collection technologies; Proposal writing, project design and implementation; M&E.

Information and Communication Technology

ICT has become monumental for our economic development and business growth.We best solutions for ICT areas that covers any product that store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, or receive information electronically in a digital form.


Cyber security

Our IT security services focuses on providing our clients with the tools, information, and services they require to design, build, and deploy a secure IT infrastructure that resist attack, penetration testing and disaster recovery planning to managed firewall and intrusion detection systems. We are committed to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions that meet industry best standards and practices.​

Servers maintenance and installation

Your computer network servers are the core of your IT system. You count on them to operate at 100 percent efficiency. With our proactive computer system monitoring, patching, and computer maintenance, we give you the peace of mind that your network servers are healthy, and your computer data is secure

Data Backup and Recovery

A Security Operations Center is the most essential element of modern security. There are no businesses too small to experience data breaches. Attackers target anyone e.g. ransomware attacks target small business. Any business need the same level of protection that enterprises do, we an advice and help you to fix the one appropriate to your need.

Data security

Our data security and protection services lower your risk, secure your data and systems, and ensure comprehensive restoration should you need it. We approach your data protection needs in several ways, including anti-virus and anti-malware software, and generating backups to keep you running if your systems ever go down. Our redundant backup services also protect you from the troublesome and growing practice of ransomware.​

Laptops, PC’s & Servers

We provide PC, laptop and server hardware repair, maintenance and IT support for ALL major brands of IT hardware. Printer and photocopies repair services delivered faster than any other IT services firm. We guarantee that we can service your business photocopy machines, printers and scanners more effectively than any other retail solution. ​

Research and Development

We provide technical advice and supports in designing and research implementation. We provide technical assistances and undertake implementation of research activities

Qualitative Research

The firm is composed of expert team for implementing qualitative research methods, approached and techniques including key informant interview, Focus group discussion, n depth interview, Evaluative case studies and PRA technique.

Quantitative Research

Extensive experience dealing with information that can be readily quantified and expressed as mathematical, statistical, or numerical data.

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